Laguiole Kitchen Knives Set of 5 with Magnetic Oak Block


  • EUR: 650€ - 711€
  • GBP: £553 - £605
  • AUD: $982 - $1,075
  • CAD: $891 - $974

This Laguiole en Aubrac kitchen knives set contains 5 essential knives with Magnetic Oak Block for any cook who loves good meals and wants to be well equipped. Delivered in an individual carton box, it will be sure to please as a gift to offer or for yourself! Made to order, you can choose the material you want for the handle among all the available materials below : 5 mixed wood, Ebony wood, Juniper, Walnut, Olivewood, Boxwood or Pistachio. 

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Made to order - Estimated delivery date : between 2 weeks and 28/06/2022