laguiole deer antler handle

Laguiole with Deer Antler Handle


Laguiole knives with deer antler handles are highly appreciated for their rustic aesthetics and durability. Deer antler is a naturally renewable material, sourced from the annual shedding of antlers from male deer, which are collected for knife handle making.

Deer antler has an ancient history in knife craftsmanship, as it was used for centuries for knife handles due to its strength and resilience. Laguiole knives with deer antler handles are often chosen for their unique appearance and natural texture. Each deer antler knife handle is unique due to variations in color, texture, and shape.

Deer antler has a naturally rough texture and provides excellent grip, even when the handle is wet or greasy. Deer antler is also resistant to shock and wear, making it a popular choice for high-end Laguiole knives.

For the manufacturing of Laguiole knife handles in deer antler, the densest and most resistant parts of male deer antlers are selected. These parts are then carefully carved and shaped to fit the Laguiole knife's form. Laguiole knives with deer antler handles are often finished with a natural oil to protect and preserve the beauty of the antler.

In summary, deer antler handles for Laguiole knives are a popular option for those seeking a unique and durable Laguiole knife. Deer antler offers a rustic aesthetic and natural texture that provides excellent grip, while its resistance to shock and wear makes it a practical choice for everyday use or for collecting high-end knives.

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Set of 6 Laguiole Steak Knives

Laguiole Steak Knives Set of 6 – Deer Antler

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