Laguiole Traditional Knife : Classic range

Laguiole knives from the tradition range are a classic in cutlery. Undoubtedly one of the most famous and popular collections, it appeals to neophytes and amateurs alike. Perfect for a first Laguiole, with or without a corkscrew, discover our wide choice of this complete range.

Classic Laguiole Pocket Knives

Now a legendary pocket knife in France and internationally, the Laguiole was once the shepherds’ knife. But it has evolved over the years, adapting to each generation and to each pleasure.
Whether for models from the classic tradition range to double plate models, the characteristics specific to the Laguiole knife will remain timeless and unalterable over time.
So we will always see on this knife the famous bee on the spring and the mythical shepherd’s cross on the handle. Models with or without a corkscrew. With shiny stainless steel bolsters, satin stainless steel or even golden brass. And many handles materials now available.
laguiole en aubrac pocket knife

Laguiole: Stainless steel or brass bolsters and plates

Laguiole one piece – Single blade 12cm – (4.72 inches)

It takes nearly 129 operations to complete a single stage single blade model. The blades of our forged knives and their spring are chiseled by hand as in accordance with its origins. The soaking is individual, the adjustment is made by eye. The assembly of each model is carried out in one step by the same artisan cutler.

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laguiole knife classic range
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Laguiole Corkscrew 2 pieces & 3 pieces with punch 12cm – (4.72 inches)

166 operations are required for a two-piece model and 216 for the three-piece model that the hands of the cutler craftsman put through the raw materials. It is in this long journey that lies the difference between industrial production and artisanal, which alone guarantees the fact that each Laguiole is unique.

laguiole corkscrew in detail
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Laguiole Corkscrews

Gastronomy is booming and epicureans flock to good restaurants and good wines. In a process of gustatory pleasures and beautiful objects to accompany them. To offer or for yourself, all our products are customizable with an engraving.

Laguiole Handles Guide

In French, exotic or European wood, the different handles of our Laguiole en Aubrac® products will allow you to choose according to your tastes and preferences in terms of colors, textures and fine grain of veins.

Double Chiseled Plates

More and more popular, the models in this collection have two plates on each side of the spring. Thus allowing ornamentation above and below. Each Laguiole double plate knife is therefore unique.