engraving machine for laguiole knife

Customizing your Laguiole Knife or Corkscrew

Our service doesn’t end with our wide range of pocket knives in stock. We also suggest you make them unique!
You wanted to engrave the back of the blade of your knives or your sommelier? Are you making a gift and want a personalized engraving? On each product sheet, you have the possibility to select: 1 / The typography2 / A symbol to engrave!

Much better than the pantograph, which penetrates only too weakly into metal and much more elegant than the coarse blackened engravings of bad laser machines, our engraving machine allows us to engrave without altering / modifying the metal!


Choose your Typography

On each product page of our folding knives we suggest you select the typography with/without a symbol. Typography files are in a very specific computer format and are classified according to engraving lines. Typo 1: engraving 2 spaced italic lines. Typo 2: engraving 2 lines. Typo 3: engraving 3 lines.
Indeed, we are not only talking about typography style but about the number of engraved lines and their spacing for the final rendering. We also always recommend typo 1 which is in our opinion the most elegant.
Exemple 1

Engraving a name

We often recommend to our customers to engrave the first name and the first letter of the family name followed by a dot. As you can see in this video, an engraving on a model with a glossy polish is particularly visible. It’s a little more muted on a satin model. However, on satin models, the engraving is deeper in order to be as visible as possible.

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Exemple 2

Engraving on a satin blade

At first glance you might think when watching this video that the engravings on Laguiole knives with satin blades are less visible … You will see at the end of the video that this is not the case! We proceed by successive passes (3 or 4) with an increasingly deep engraving setting with each pass. Thus allowing to obtain a fair and regular proportion between depth and finesse of the engraving!

The stages of engraving

Step 1: Definition of the zone

If the machine engraves on its own, each engraved product requires a particularly precise adjustment on a specific engraving area. This is the reason why the number of characters is limited (15 for sommeliers – 18 for folding knives). At the slightest error on the engraving, the product cannot be sent to the customer and must be returned to the polishing workshop!

Be careful, it goes very quickly!

Step 2: The engraving

After the development of the engraving area, then laser test, the mechanical engraving is validated.
You will notice that we do not offer engraving of symbols on the waiters corkscrews because space is very limited.
We only make 2 passes on the sommeliers because the steel at this point is soft and therefore marks more easily than on the knife blades.
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Additional information on the engravings

  • The first letter is in uppercase, the next in lower case.
  • Only the French alphabet is authorized.
  • The engraving is always on the back of the blade.
  • The front part of the blade is reserved for the Laguiole en Aubrac® logo.
  • No engraving on the material of the handle / bolsters.
  • The initials are engraved in capitals.
  • Prefer the first name and the first letter of the last name.
  • Number of characters allowed on folders: 18
  • Number of characters allowed on sommeliers: 15