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Laguiole 12-Piece Cutlery Set

Thess cutlery set from the famous french manufacture Laguiole en Aubrac includes six regular table knives and six table forks adorned by the famous bee. Entirely handcrafted with handles in premium quality, these cutlery sets are packaged in a superb wooden box.
The blades and bolsters are crafted from high-quality stainless steel, polished for a flawless finish. Both knives and forks have a durable full tang construction securely riveted and manually assembled by experienced craftsmen.
A perfect set for a touch of French dining to your table moments.

Thanks to its quality and finesse of craftsmanship, Laguiole en Aubrac effortlessly achieves the perfect balance of respect for tradition and current trends for this superb cutlery set.

Handcrafted in Aubrac, France • Numbered certificate of authenticity • Free laser engraving •

  • USD: 967$
  • GBP: £790
  • AUD: $1,454
  • CAD: $1,327
  • USD: 1,420$
  • GBP: £1,160
  • AUD: $2,136
  • CAD: $1,950
  • USD: 1,749$
  • GBP: £1,429
  • AUD: $2,631
  • CAD: $2,402