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Our shipping department is fully operational and makes every effort to send your order as quickly as possible within 12 to 24 hours after your order for products in stock (if there is no indication that your product is made to order on the product page and in your order confirmation).
Due to high demand and the fact that some areas are now more difficult to access, the delivery of a package may be delayed. Especially at customs for countries outside the European Union.
We have no way of intervening, however please contact us so that we can follow its course and the waiting time.
Thank you for your understanding.
If you have any questions, you can always contact our customer service on the contact page.

Delivery delay

FRANCE 24H / 48H – EUROPE 24H / 48H WORLD: +/- 5/8 DAYS
In order to guarantee and secure our shipments and to guarantee you a good reception, we have opted for DHL Express for Europe and Interantional.
All Laguiole en Aubrac® knives are delivered within 24h / 48h in France metropolitan region France and in the 48h region in Europe zone (Belgium, Germany, Italy, Sardinia and Sicily, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Cyprus , Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Principality of Andorra, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Great Britain).
In view of COVID-19, carrier prices and oil taxes have been significantly increased, we can no longer offer free delivery for any order for an amount less than 390€ in EU. 990€ for all other country.
The shipping costs being calculated on the weight of the product. We indicate here the shipping prices as an indication :
Delivery 24H – France/Belgium :15€
Delivery 24H – Europe : 15€
Delivery 2/4 days – USA/Canada : 29€
Delivery 3/6 days – Africa/Asia/South America: 36€
We have a privileged relationship with our carrier, benefiting from negotiated rates: we do not make any profit on these shipping costs.
As soon as we have handed over your shipment to DHL, you will receive an email from them with a link for tracking the shipment.
Given the difficulties with the French customs, too slow, we no longer deliver overseas: Guadeloupe / Tahiti / Martinique.
Please select “Free Shipping” if your Laguiole will be made to order and cost more than 390€/EU – 990€/Worldwide. If the product is not immediately available, a manufacturing time will be indicated on the product page & confirmation order.

The prices are in euros, the prices in other currency are indicative in order to facilitate the conversion. Payments on the checkout page are automatically made in euros. If a conversion tax applies by your bank, it will be payable by you.
The prices are indicated on the site automatically according to your IP depending on the location of your internet connection on the planet. If you see the letters “TTC” after the price, it means that French tax is applied, so you are in a European Union country.
If you do not see “TTC” it means that you will not pay additional VAT.
We are required to indicate the amounts for importation for customs, we try to arrange in order to avoid taxes too high. However, we cannot pay the taxes decided by your country.

3D Secure is mandatory on our website. Please contact your bank for more information, as this will be needed across Europe in December 2020. If you have never heard of 3D Secure, please read the next paragraph. If you have not activated this security with your bank, you can pay with your Paypal account.
What is 3D Secure?
3-D Secure is a process designed to increase the security of online credit card payments. It was developed by the VISA credit card organization for the Verified by Visa service. Mastercard, JCB and American Express also offer such a service under the name of Identity Check, J / Secure or SafeKey
With this procedure, customers also confirm electronic payments with a password, TAN or fingerprint.
This means thieves can no longer shop on the internet with stolen credit card information like numbers and check digits only.
Visa and Mastercard offer the 3D-Secure procedure under the names Verified by Visa and Mastercard Identiy Check (formerly Securecode).
So far, not all retailers have used the 3D Secure process for credit card payments. From December 2020 this will change due to a new European directive.

In the future, customers will need to identify themselves twice for all electronic payments.

Credit Cards / Debit Cards
Authentication procedure for even more secure online purchases. Verified by Visa provides additional security for the cardholder and the company accepting payment. VISA cardholders can protect their card with a personal password that is required when making payments over the Internet at companies that offer Verified by Visa as a payment method.
Authentication procedure for even more secure online purchases. The Mastercard SecureCode provides additional security for the cardholder and the company accepting payment. Holders of a Mastercard SecureCode can protect their card with a personal password that is queried when paying over the Internet with companies that offer Mastercard SecureCode as a payment method.
PayPal is a simple payment method that lets you transfer and receive money quickly and easily. All you need to do is log into your account to confirm your payment.
Bank Transfer
You can pay with us by bank transfer. After choosing this payment method, you will see our bank and payment details. Please note that payment by bank transfer may take a little longer.