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How to choose your Laguiole?

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Among the wide choice on our site, it is difficult to choose the Laguiole knife that will suit you perfectly. We have deliberately restricted the catalog and selected the models most in demand in our physicla stores.
We have written a few articles linked  at the bottom of this page in order to try to provide you with as many answers as possible to help you choose THE knife, sommelier or set of Table knives that will accompany you according to your needs.


Its Origin

First of all, it is important to know the manufacturer of your laguiole. Location is its geographic origin. And of course its guarantee. Laguiole en Aubrac offers a lifetime guarantee on all its products against any manufacturing defect.


What size and use?

A laguiole knife can be used for many things: eating, going fishing, picking mushrooms, cooking… The size offered on this site is the universal size of 12cm : same for both men and women.


Which handle to choose?

What type of handle: Wood or horn? Collector’s model, classic range brass or stainless steel bolster or double plates? Corkscrew knife or sommelier corkscrew? The choice can sometimes be complex, it is made step by step!

Forced notch knife or switchblade knife?

The Laguiole knife is a folding knife with forced notch. Therefore, unlike the Opinel knife for example , it does not have a ring that secures the open blade. In the case of the Laguiole, the spring is permanently resting on the heel of the blade. When you open the knife, the head of the spring (located below the ornament) is lodged in the notch of the heel. Thus, by simple pressure on the blade with a folding movement the knife closes. There is no blade locking mechanism, if this were the case, the laguiole would be considered as a weapon in French legislation.
making a laguiole knife
laguiole locat the region in french countryside

The essentials to choose well

Real or Fake Laguiole Knives ?

It is important to know the difference between the real Laguiole knives and the many counterfeits that exist. Several indications allow us to recognize original Laguiole made in the area of origin.

Handle materials

The handles can be made in many different materials: Wood, Horns, Bones, Mammoth ivory, mineral materials or even synthetic materials. We have selected the most beautiful!

Welded Bee or Forged Bee

The manual work done on the bee is the result of the creativity of our cutler craftsmen. The more the model is worked on, the more we will go upmarket. Not only by the quality, but by the unique aspect of each Laguiole knife.

Our detailed guide by category

Laguiole Classic

This collection is undoubtedly the most known: with bolsters in shiny or satin stainless steel, but also in brass. Blade alone or with corkscrew. One plate is affixed on each side of the spring. The handle material gives some models their originality.

Double Chiseled Plates

More and more popular, the models in this collection have two plates on each side of the spring. Thus allowing ornamentation above and below. Each Laguiole double plate knife is therefore unique.

Sommelier Corkscrews

Gastronomy is booming and epicureans flock to good restaurants and good wines. In a process of gustatory pleasures and beautiful objects to accompany them. To offer or for yourself, all our products are customizable with an engraving.

Frequently Asked Questions

Laguiole: The answer to your questions

Not enough time to read each of our pages? We have made a Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of our pages to provide an answer to the most frequently asked questions!

The symbol of the Laguiole knife is a bee. A local legend says that it is the imperial seal of Napoleon I offered to the village of Laguiole as a sign of recognition for the bravery in combat of the men from the locality.

Choosing a Laguiole is not just about size. The folding models with handles in the size of 12 cm will suit both men and women. To pretend that 9 or 11 cm knives are more suitable for women is not quite right. Table knives are the same size for men and women. No reason to differentiate on the folding knives. In addition, the opening and closing of small models is more complex due to the return of the forced notch. This is the reason why we have decided to only offer models with handles of 12 cm.

The Laguiole knife is the subject of many controversies. There are many counterfeits and copies from Asia or Pakistan. All our knives are made in France, in Aveyron, in the village of Espalion. We invite you to read this page where we talk about our manufacture.

The fly is the technical term for cutlery which designates from the 18th century the excess metal part at the end of the spring. It was decorated in different ways: clover, flowers then bee. For more details, read the page retracing the history of the Laguiole knife over the years.