High end leather sheath for Laguiole Knives and Corkscrews

The cases are important in order to protect your Laguiole or sommelier corkscrew
There are many types of knife sheath. In order to offer a form of exclusivity to our customers, we brought in a young craftsman who created for us a collection of horizontal cases for our websites.
On high quality colored leather, the result is particularly luxurious!

Laguiole leather sheaths

Horizontal case handmade by a French leather craftsman

Made from semi-aniline brown goat leathers, these horizontal case are entirely handmade, from pattern to the finished product. Leather is selected from a Parisian mégisserie founded in 1927, these are particularly resistant to wear and light.

This flip case has two hand-sheathed snaps, in tone-on-tone leather typical of high-end French leather goods. Saddle stitch is entirely handmade using a picking iron and a waxed linen thread, as tradition requires in French leather craft.

  • Goat leather lined in goat leather.
  • Two press studs wrapped in leather by hand.
  • Hand sewing.

After studying with a french master craftsman, and in renowned French luxury brands, Victor C. DAST, a young craftsman of 27 years old, has just founded his new Parisian workshop.

Since 2018, he has made custom creations that respect the tradition of luxury and French craftsmanship : his leathers are selected from the best French suppliers on the market and all of his models are entirely handmade – pattern, cut, sewing and finishes.

For the first time, he is making, in collaboration with Laguiole.store, a selection of horizontal cases made using traditional techniques of French high-end leather goods.

Prestige Bicolor Horizontal Leather Sheath Brown/Orange


This beautiful two-tone luxury leather sheath is a perfect accessory for all Laguiole en Aubrac pocket and sommelier knives with a handle length of 12 cm. It ensures optimal protection against scratches and everyday shocks thanks to its careful design that wraps around.

Made with high quality leathers, this luxury leather sheath is not only practical but also aesthetic. It will add a touch of style and elegance and you can be sure that your knife/sommelier will stay safe inside the sheath, even when you carry it with you.

All in all, this deluxe two-tone leather sheath is a great choice for those looking to protect their pocket or sommelier knife while adding a touch of sophistication.

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Edition Deluxe – Bicolor Leather Sheath for Knives & Waiters Corkscrews


This luxury two-tone leather sheath for a closed belt with loop will fit all Laguiole en Aubrac® pocket knives and sommeliers. It offers optimal protection against scratches and everyday shocks by being fully protected.

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Black Leather Sheath for Pocket Knives and Waiters Corkscrews


This 14cm closed pocket leather sheath will suit all Laguiole en Aubrac® pocket knives and sommeliers with a handle length of 12 cm. It offers optimal protection against scratches and everyday shocks by being fully protected.

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Laguiole Classic Range

This collection is undoubtedly the best known: with bolsters in shiny or satin stainless steel, but also in brass. Blade alone or with corkscrew. A plate is affixed on each side of the spring. The material of the handle gives some models their originality.

Laguiole Real or Fake?

It is important to know the difference between the real Laguiole knives and the many counterfeits that exist. Several indications allow us to recognize original Laguiole made in the area of origin.

Laguiole Corkscrews

Gastronomy is booming and epicureans flock to good restaurants and good wines. In a process of gustatory pleasures and beautiful objects to accompany them. To offer or for yourself, all our products are customizable with an engraving.