laguiole repair service

Laguiole en Aubrac® Repair Service

Laguiole en Aubrac® provides a repair service as well as a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defect.

The warranty does not include problems related to use or wear. Placing your wooden or horn knives in the dishwasher when they are not compatible is one of them. Just like breaking the tip of your knife using it as a screwdriver. It is not covered by the warranty.

Repair conditions

– ONLY knives stamped Laguiole en Aubrac.
If your knife is from another manufacturer. If you don’t see our logo on the blade, it will not be supported. The same goes for a blade change or any other intervention.
Reminder: If only “Laguiole” is displayed on your knife blade, it is a “fake”.
Laguiole is not a brand from a single manufacturer. There are many authentic French artisans such as Laguiole en Aubrac® (registered trademark).
There are also French and Asian industrial manufacturers.
Laguiole only defines the shape of the knives. Knowing its origin and manufacturer is essential.
We could sum it up this way: when we buy a car it is a vehicle. But there is a clear difference between a BMW and a Twingo.
We therefore have a Laguiole from the ‘Laguiole en Aubrac’ manufacture, not just a Laguiole.

Please identify the protocol below before each request for assistance

Repair protocol by this website.

– You must have a purchase or invoice number. Purchased from this site where our old site “”.

Without this information, we will not take care of it.
Reminder: the shipping and return costs are your responsibility.
Repair protocol purchased from a reseller in France or elsewhere in the world:
Please contact the workshops directly on this contact page.
When we validate repair through this website, we will ask you for photos. The free repair must be validated by the foreman at the workshop.
If necessary, you will receive a price for the repair, if it is not considered to be a manufacturing defect.

If your knife is marked “Laguiole en Aubrac” (identical to the photo of the knife at the top of this page) and was purchased on our site, please contact us here with your purchase information (name / first name / order number / invoice – available in your history of your emails).
Without this information, we will redirect you to this current page, or due to too many requests for products not coming from our workshop, we will not be able to respond to you.
The counterfeits are of inferior quality and in the short term always have a manufacturing defect. We cannot take charge of products that do not come from our workshop.
Please note that repair times during particularly intense production periods in workshops can be up to 3-4 months.