Laguiole Cutlery Set – Thuya wood – 12 Piece


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This 12 piece Laguiole cutlery set with thuya wood handles contains 6 knives and 6 forks and is packaged in a beautiful wooden box.
Each cutlery from this set will quickly become an integral part of any dinner party, and will be the extra french touch to a particularly elaborate table that will delight your guests.

Handcrafted in France, whether for yourself or as a gift, this cutlery set of laguiole knives and forks will become an heirloom that will be transmitted from generation to generation.

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Located in the historic region of origin in France, the artisanal manufacturer Laguiole en Aubrac is celebrated for its locally produced tableware and cutlery sets, distinguished by their exceptional quality.

Laguiole 12-Piece Cutlery Set Thuya wood

Entirely handcrafted with handles in premium quality thuya wood, the famous bee adorns each of these 6 knives and 6 forks. Thanks to its quality and finesse of craftsmanship, Laguiole en Aubrac effortlessly achieves the perfect balance of respect for tradition and current trends for this superb cutlery set.

  • Genuine thuya handles. Satin finish.
  • Blades, forks, plates and bolsters made of 12C27MOD stainless steel.
  • 6 high-end Laguiole steak knives. Blade : 11 cm. Total length : 23 cm.
  • 6 high-end Laguiole forks length : 23 cm.
  • Chiseled : engraving in steel along the handle.
  • Shepherd’s cross on the knife handle.
  • Characteristic Laguiole bee.
  • Not compatible with dishwasher.
  • Handmade from start to finish by a single artisan.
  • Includes a certificate of authenticity. 
  • Presented in an superb 12-piece wooden box.
  • Lifetime warranty covers any manufacturing defects.
  • Made in France, Espalion : historical zone of origin of Laguiole knives.

Not all cutlery sets bearing the Laguiole name and bee emblem are created equal, and some aren't even produced in France. Laguiole en Aubrac sets itself apart by fully controlling its production process, excelling in artisanal craftsmanship, and maintaining a dedication to quality. Their products and tableware accessories are highly esteemed not only in France but also worldwide.

laguiole cutlery set thuya wood 12 piece

This cutlery set includes 6 laguiole knives and 6 forks. The handles are made of thuya wood. They are adorned with the famous bee and the logo Laguiole en Aubrac.

Handcrafted in France in the historical zone of origin, they are made of high quality 12C27MOD stainless steel, specially designed to maintain a high performance blade edge, great hardness and excellent corrosion resistance. The thuya wood used for the handles is also of premium quality.

Due to the unique nature of the materials used for the handles, yours may differ slightly from the one pictured above.


About Thuya wood:

Thuya wood originates from the thuja tree, predominantly found in the mountains. This precious wood is highly sought after for its fine, uniform grain and striking golden-red hue.

Commonly used in the creation of decorative objects, furniture, flooring, and panels, thuya wood is also a popular choice for toys and woodturning projects. Its ease of workability and resistance to scratches and stains make it an ideal material for crafting intricate, durable pieces.

The unique characteristics of thuya wood have led to its widespread popularity in both functional and artistic applications. 

12-Piece Laguiole Cutlery Set Thuya wood | Video

Laguiole en Aubrac flatware sets are distinguished by their elegance and quality, all handsomely presented to give as a treasured gift or to embellish your table during your dinners. Visualize this set of 12 in this video.

You can personalize the 6 steak knives of this 12-piece Laguiole cutlery set with a black laser marking with a name and family name, dates or initials.

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