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Laguiole Snakewood handles are in particular demand on website.
This wood comes from South America, particularly Guyana and Surinam. It is characterized by patterns surprisingly resembling those of the skin of a snake. Which earned him the nickname Snakewood in English.
The original density of the speckled red-brown amourette is significant. it is also one of the rare antlers not to float. Its resistance and hardness make it capable of undergoing strong pressure. Thus, it was originally used for the manufacture of block letters.
On this tree more than twenty meters high, only 15 to 25 cm of the diameter of the trunk can be exploited. This is the reason why it is used in small crafts.

Each product on this page is available in snakewood by selecting the handle option. Are you looking for another handle material? Follow our ultimate guide to handle materials.

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