laguiole boxwood handle

Laguiole with Boxwood Handle


Laguiole knives with boxwood handles are highly appreciated for their timeless elegance and durability. Boxwood is a dense, strong, and easy-to-work wood native to the temperate regions of Europe and Asia. It is often used for high-end knife handles due to its hardness and resistance to wear.

Boxwood has a long history in knife craftsmanship. It has been used for centuries to make knife handles and tools because of its strength and ability to withstand moisture. Laguiole knife handles made of boxwood are often chosen for their elegance and smooth, silky texture.

Boxwood has a smooth and fine texture that provides excellent grip and a pleasant feel in the hand. It is resistant to shocks and wear, making it a popular choice for high-end Laguiole knives.

For the manufacture of Laguiole knife handles in boxwood, the densest and most resistant parts of the wood are selected. These parts are then carefully carved and shaped to fit the shape of the Laguiole knife. Laguiole knife handles made of boxwood are often engraved or decorated with traditional patterns to add a touch of elegance and personality.

In summary, boxwood handles for Laguiole knives are a popular option for those looking for an elegant and durable Laguiole knife. Boxwood offers a timeless aesthetic and a soft, silky texture that provides excellent grip, while its resistance to shocks and wear make it a practical choice for everyday use or for high-end knife collections.

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