laguiole with ram horn handle

Laguiole with Ram's Horn (crust) handle


Laguiole knives with ram's horn handles are unique and authentic pieces that are carved from a single piece of naturally rugged ram's horn. Unlike buffalo horn or pressed horn knife handles, ram's horn is not treated to create varied color shades but rather retains a naturally rugged texture that can vary depending on the horn piece used.

The manufacturing process of Laguiole ram's horn knife handles involves cutting the horn according to the desired shape and size, followed by hand-polishing to create a smooth finish while staying true to the rugged texture of the horn. This rugged texture adds to the beauty and authenticity of the ram's horn knife handle, offering a unique and rustic aesthetic. Thus, Laguiole ram's horn knife handles can provide a pleasant and comfortable grip thanks to this texture.

The ram's horn used for Laguiole knife handles often comes from agricultural regions, where there is always a local tradition of cutlery. Laguiole ram's horn knife handles are therefore a representation of traditional French craftsmanship and are appreciated by collectors and knife enthusiasts for their unique beauty and authentic character.

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