Laguiole Oyster Knife – Mussels Shells handle


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This Laguiole en Aubrac oyster knife has a handle made of mussel shells amalgamated in a transparent resin. Its sturdy steel blade is bevelled and will fit perfectly between the shells, making it easy to open your oysters. Elaborated in the purest Aveyron tradition by real craftsmen cutlers, this oyster knife with optimal qualities will quickly become an original object pleasant to use during your tastings.

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Located in the historical zone of origin in France, Laguiole en Aubrac is an artisan workshop that stands out for the originality and quality of its products, with a perfect finish and local production.

Laguiole en Aubrac Oyster Knife Mussel Shells handle

Hand-crafted from recycled mussel shells with the finest stainless steel blade (12C27MOD) featuring its finely-worked, riveted handles Laguiole en Aubrac effortlessly achieves the perfect balance between casual styling and chic design for this oyster knife with a history dating back to 1829.

  • Recycled mussel shells handle. Shiny finish.
  • Blade, plates and bolsters made of 12C27MOD sandvik stainless steel.
  • Blade : 6 cm. Handle : 12 cm. Total length : 18 cm.
  • Characteristic Laguiole bee.
  • Not compatible with dishwasher.
  • Handmade from start to finish by a single artisan.
  • Includes a certificate of authenticity. 
  • Presented in an elegant wooden box.
  • Lifetime warranty covers any manufacturing defects.
  • Made in France, Espalion : historical zone of origin of Laguiole knives.

Not all oyster knives bearing the Laguiole label are equal, and not all are made in France. Laguiole en Aubrac asserts its difference by a complete control of its production, an artisanal know-how as well as a requirement of quality which make its signature. Its products and tableware accessories are appreciated in France and all over the world.

laguiole oyster knife handle made of recycled mussels shells

This superb Laguiole oyster knife with its handle made of recycled mussel shells will allow you to position your thumb as close as possible to the tip of the blade to insert it between the two oyster shells. How to open an oyster :

1. Place the oyster in your hand, point or hinge, towards you. Knife in hand, (one centimeter from the tip) place it at the level of 2/3 of the oyster length.
2. Insert the knife between the shells.
3. Cut the muscle that holds the two sides of the shells together.
4. Lift the top shell with your thumb and loosen the flesh from the top of the shell with the knife.
5. Remove the top shell and drain the first water.
6. Arrange the oysters on a platter and enjoy!

laguiole oyster knife handle made of recycled mussels shells

Recycled Mussel Shells

"Nothing is lost nothing is created everything is transformed" as Lavoisier said

Lover of the sea or not, you will like this corkscrew whose handle is made of mussels shells finely crushed and compacted with resin.

It's surprising, but it's virtuous: if at the time of the Vikings, the knife handles were made of deer antlers found in the forest. From now on, our waste must become ecological and playful.

In France, the alternatives of recycling exist, such as the valorization of these shells in the form of powder, intended to nourish hens, to fertilize agricultural grounds.

Oyster Knife with Mussel Shells handle | Video

Laguiole en Aubrac oyster knives are distinguished by their elegance and quality, all handsomely presented to give as a treasured gift or to embellish your table during your dinners. Visualize this knife through this video.

- Free personalization of the blade with laser engraving -

You can personalize the blade of this Laguiole en Aubrac oyster knife with a black laser marking with a first and last name, dates or initials. 

Engraving examples

Choose your favorite font :

  • Font 1 - Courgette Regular
  • Font 2 - Brock Script
  • Font 3 - Dream Orphans


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  • Font 5 - All Things Pink
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