Lo Fau Pocket Knife Aubrac Beech wood


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With the Lo Fau Pocket Knife Aubrac Beech wood handle, Laguiole en Aubrac is far more than just a knife manufacturer: It is a guardian of traditions and a vital player in preserving regional French artisanal heritage. By continuing the production of lesser-known regional knives, this company significantly contributes to the preservation of a unique and valuable know-how.

Laguiole en Aubrac’s contribution goes beyond merely producing quality knives. It’s primarily a story of passion and respect for an artisanal and cutlery heritage that spans several generations across many regions. The manufacturer is committed to perpetuating authentic craftsmanship, ensuring the preservation of traditional manufacturing techniques that give each Lo Fau Pocket Knife in Aubrac Beech wood handle its unique character.

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“Lo Fau” – The Exquisite Curved Knife by Laguiole en Aubrac

The “Lo Fau” is a distinguished curved knife, featuring handles crafted from stabilized Aubrac beech wood. This pocket knife, handcrafted by Laguiole en Aubrac, proudly showcases the notable black veining of this remarkable wood. Once the tree is felled and sun-dried, the sap forms distinctive black rings. After treatment, the wood reveals a rich range of hues, lending the knife its unique character.

  • Handle Material: Stabilized Aubrac Beech.
  • Accessories included with the knife: Synthetic leather case.
  • Blade Material: 12C27 Stainless Steel.
  • Folding Mechanism: Forced notch system.
  • Made in France by Laguiole en Aubrac.

With its intricately guilloched spring sporting a clean pattern, the “Lo Fau” pocket knife embodies natural elegance. It is sure to charm you and become your everyday companion. Its name is a tribute to the local dialect: in Occitan, “Lo Fau” means beech. The knife has been entirely handcrafted in an artisanal cutlery workshop located in France’s Aveyron region.

beech tree

About Aubrac Beech Wood

The endemic Aubrac beech wood is a quality material used for the making of Laguiole knife handles. It is characterized by its warm color and smooth yet irregular texture, offering a pleasant finish to the touch.

The endemic Aubrac beech is a tree that grows exclusively in the Aubrac mountains, a region in the south of France. This wood is particularly prized for its natural beauty and superior quality.

The endemic Aubrac beech wood exhibits a warm color ranging from light brown to dark brown, with discrete veins that add a subtle texture to the wood.

Due to the use of natural materials, the appearance varies from one handle to another. The images shown are not contractually binding.

Video of this Lo Fau folding knife in Aubrac Beechwood

Immerse yourself in the realm of regional French cutlery and explore the unique features of this knife. Our video enables you to see the mechanism at work, helping you envision this model in your hand.

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