Le Camembert Folding Knife Pistachio wood


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Discover the “Le Camembert” folding knife with Pistachio wood handle, created in 2006 in tribute to the famous village in Normandy and its local specialty. Packaged in a decorative box specifically dedicated in the shape of a Camembert cheese box, this unique knife, designed to combine elegance and efficiency, is an ideal choice for lovers of regional knives and outdoor enthusiasts.

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The Camembert Folding Knife in Pistachio Wood

This Camembert folding knife with Pistachio wood handle boasts an ergonomic design for user comfort. Its sharpened blade allows for precise, effortless cutting, whether for everyday use or outdoor adventures. The compact folding system of this knife allows for optimal portability and safe use. Whether you are traveling or need a folding knife for your home cheese board, this knife is the perfect accessory.

  • Handle material: Pistachio wood with a leather lace.
  • Included with the knife: Sheath and décorative gift box.
  • Blade material: 12C27 stainless steel.
  • Folding mechanism: Forced notch system.
  • Total length: 196 mm.
  • Blade length: 80 mm.
  • Handle length: 110 mm
  • Weight: +/- 85gr.
  • Made in France in Sauveterre de Rouergue.

This “Le Camembert” knife is more than just a folding knife. It’s a tribute to the French art de vivre, capable of cutting all types of food, including Camembert, so cherished in our French heritage.

camembert village
pistachio tree

About Pistachio wood:

Primarily recognized for its edible nuts, the pistachio tree also yields remarkably stunning wood that is seldom seen or used in wooden creations. Like olive trees, pistachio trees hold greater value in orchards for their food production, with their wood often taking a backseat in terms of appreciation.

The heartwood of pistachio trees exhibits a wide spectrum of colors, ranging from light olive green to orangish or purplish brown, frequently accented by darker brown to black stripes. The light yellow/gray sapwood is notably wide, clearly delineating the heartwood from itself. This unique combination of tones and patterns makes pistachio wood a rare and captivating choice for woodcraft.

While its use in woodwork may be uncommon, pistachio wood's distinct beauty and rarity make it a sought-after material for those looking to create or own one-of-a-kind pieces. Its vibrant colors and striking patterns lend a sense of exclusivity and sophistication to any object crafted from this exceptional wood.

Due to the use of natural materials, the appearance varies from one handle to another. The images shown are not contractually binding.

Video of this Le Camembert folding knife in Pistachio wood

Immerse yourself in the realm of regional French cutlery and explore the unique features of this knife. Our video enables you to see the mechanism at work, helping you envision this model in your hand.

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