laguiole store become Laguiole.Store

It is with a significant pleasure, a certain excitement, mixed with the joy that we present to you the last version of our e-commerce website: Laguiole.Store
Several months ago, we got together to present our ideas in order to develop the e-commerce site. We had started several blogs on several sites with different domain names. And the buzz around these articles was such that our readers would ask us why they couldn’t buy directly from the site where they were reading the blog post.
Our site was a multilingual site on which we had to give up blogging in 2 languages ​​and favor only one.
This solution did not satisfy us.

URL change for Laguiole.Store

Finally, the idea of ​​resetting everything, including online store, was launched. Changing the url of sites and improving the customer experience was at the heart of our concerns.
Anticipate the next major search engine updates too.

The following decisions were taken:

– Host our sites on our own server, extremely secure and fast (the browsing speed has been multiplied by 8!)
– Multiply our choice of products by 4, each in different variations. Offer more made to-order manufacturing, with a significant reduction of -20% in return for patience for the manufacturing time (2 to 4 weeks maximum).

From to Laguiole.Store

We organized new photo shoots, completely reviewed the design of the shop section with multy currencies informations, added information pages on the different manufacturing sectors thanks to the videos shot in the workshops, and so much more…
We have invested in a new Knives engraving machine in order to offer more possibilities for typography of engravings and symbols on our knives.
Thus were born 3 multistore sites, for which stocks are linked and updated with each purchase.
This technical challenge has been set up thanks to experienced web technicians. After a few weeks of testing these sites are finally ready. Our privileged customers were able to take advantage of this test period to make their purchases.
Obviously the guarantee and the follow-up of our orders made in recent years on our old site are still available to us. Everything has changed, except the quality and the warranty!
Today, our final stock for your Christmas purchases is offered to you.
We hope that browsing this site, as well as the range of products selected will give you full satisfaction.
Gwenael & the entire team dedicated to the e-commerce site